visual storytelling

communication design

Working in different sectors and countries provided me with the unique opportunity to interact and collaborate with people from different backgrounds, industries, and cultures. An intrinsic part of my work focuses on communicating visually complex ideas and data, to systems and processes and that allows me to create a starting point for my collaboration with others, beyond language barriers. In many cases, my communication design skills have helped communities and organisations better understand how they operate or the landscape within which they act.



Beyond using visualisations for communication purposes, I enjoy sketching and digital illustration as a way of observation, expression, and reflective documentation. I've recently used digital illustration as a way to document several observations I've made about the cities I live in, as well identify commonalities and differences between the different sectors I've worked at. I have also used illustration as a method of self expression and self-care.



Beyond graphic visualisations, photography is another way to communicate with others, understand the places I live in, and express myself. Street and landscape photography with and photo compositions are the most common types of photography I do. Given the oportunity, I like using my photographic skills as a design research method. I mostly do digital photography, but I have also experimented with analog photography and working in the dark room.