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who am i?

I am a designer and researcher with experience in academia, local government, private and voluntary sector. My work focuses on the fields of urban commons, sustainability, urban ecology, strategic and participatory design. I have lived and worked in Athens, Barcelona, Pittsburgh, and currently London. I strive to delve into each context and learn about everyday life in different cultures, communities, cities, and socioeconomic systems.

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what am i passionate about?

I am passionate about working collaboratively with others to make the everyday places we live in, better for everyone. Through my work I aspire to make cities a more environmentally regenerative and socially inclusive place to live. I enjoy facilitating co-design and participatory design processes. I believe that combining research and co-design can help communities work together to collectively make decisions for their neighborhoods. 

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what can i offer?

Due to my cross-sectoral work, I can bring a diverse skillset to any project I work on, from ethnographic research, strategy, urban and participatory design, to communication design, photography, and data visualization. My research skills include interviews, qualitative data analysis, observations, surveys, cultural probes, spatial mapping and analysis (GIS). I enjoy teaching and developing courses about urban development and ecology, sharing and urban commons, as well participatory urban design. In the past, I have taught at the Schools of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University in the US, and the University of Sheffield. 


2019 | PhD, School of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

2012 | Master of Science in Sustainable Design, Carenegie Mellon University, USA

2009 | Diploma in Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

experience & collaborations

2019 | London Borough of Newham, UK

2019 | Public Practice Associate, London, UK

2019 | School of Architecture, University of Sheffield, UK

2017 | Participatory City Foundation, London, UK

2014 | Wilkinsburg Development Corporation, USA

2014 | School of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

2014 | School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

2012 | Evolve Environment & Architecture, Pittsburgh, USA

2009 | GR405 Aris Zambikos Architects, Athens, Greece

2008 | Olive3 Architects, Athens, Greece

2007 | Maria Karakitsiou Architect, Athens, greece


2020 | Spatial manifestations of collective refugee housing – The case of City
           Plaza, Radical Housing Journal, Vol 2(1): 29-53, Section: The long read. 

2019 | Commoning and Transition, Harrison, Katrini, Transient Spaces

2018 | Sharing Culture: On Definitions, Values, and Emergence. The Sociological
           Review 66, no. 2 (March 1, 2018): 425–46. 

2015 | Addressing Food, Water, Waste and Energy yields in Urban Regenerative

           Environments, “Architecture Anthology I; Sustainable Design”, Edited by

           Fatih A. Rifki, Athens Institute for Education and Research, pg. 169-182

2014 | PITTSBURGH, A CITY IN TRANSITION; a review of David Harvey’s ‘Rebel
           Cities’ and the civic organizational structure in the city of Pittsburgh”, Think
           Space, 3rd Program Cycle Proceedings, 2014, pg. 97-110



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