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Every One Every Day

2017-2018 | Participation programme
Research Director, Participatory City Foundation, London UK | website | first year report

Every One Every Day, formed out of a partnership between Participatory City Foundation and the council of London Borough of Barking and Dagenham in late 2017 and is the largest participatory project of its kind in the country. The ambitious scheme aimed to work with 25,000 residents across the borough to create over 250 neighbourhood-led projects and form more than 100 new businesses over the following five years. The organisation, led by Tessy Britton, worked to bring everyday participation into scale. Just in the first year, the initiative engaged with approximately 1,000 residents to develop every day practical participatory activities, from cooking, to making, growing, and many more. Participation took place Every One Every Day local 'shops' located on high streets or other central points in local neighborhoods.

In 2017, I joined Participatory City Foundation as their Research Director. I was responsible of puting together a plan for the developmental evaluation of the programme, gather and analyse data with regards to the impact of the programme, and I put together material for its first year of operation report. As I got involved in the project in early launch stages, I also developed the necessary systems in place for rigorous on-the-field research and documentation, and offered ad-hoc training for qualitative research and GDPR data protection methods to the team. Finally, I supported in putting together a bid for additional funding that would help develop a makerspace within the borough in support of the programme.

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