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SoA Colloquium

2014-2015 | Graduate Student Colloquium
PhD Representative, School of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon university, Pittsburgh, USA

As a representative of PhD students at the School of Architecture, at Carnegie Mellon University, I organised the SoA Colloquium series; a weekly event for masters & doctoral students to meet, present their work and exchange ideas. The Colloquium's purpose was to bring students together and build a community around things they cared about. It was an opportunity for students to chat, test their presentation skills and current ideas they were working on. It allowed for networking and talking to peers from different programs, working on different fields, from computational design, to sustainability and urban design. The format was informal, allowing for students to come together, present, and discuss over food every other Friday.


*Display of selected work by Wanfang Diao, Madeline Gannon, and Bokyun Jun

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