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Upper Lawrenceville Visioning & Planning

2012-2013 | Community Visioning & Planning
Researcher & Project Manager, evolveEA, Pittsburgh, PA, US | website

Upper Lawrenceville is the 10th Ward of the city of Pittsburgh. Lawrenceville is a vibrant and upcoming neighborhood of Pittsburgh, that has been attracting more and more residents and is on the point of re-identifying itself from its industrial past. A lot of planning and development has been already realized for Central and Lower Lawrenceville, and at evolveEA we had the great opportunity to work on the public engagement, visioning and strategic planning for the third part of the greater neighborhood, Upper Lawrenceville. The mission of the plan was to envision a livable and active neighborhood, which builds on its unique character, creates a great place where old-timers and new residents can live, work and play.

The community focused on three themes: Upper Lawrenceville is an affordable and authentic place to live, Upper Lawrenceville is a place where people make (and grow) things, and lastly, Upper Lawrenceville’s recreational amenities attract visitors who are inclined to stay as residents. The community then identified six projects or programs that would be essential to create a place where people wanted to live, work and play. The Live programs were the Alley Housing and Green Streets, the Work were Define the Center and Pop-Up Fill-In, and the Play were the River Recreation and Green Space Network.

The process involved community engagement through three open community meetings and close work with the Community Development Corporations of Lawrenceville Corporation and Lawrenceville United. The final proposal is a fruit of our work with a great community trying to capture its vision through the changes that the neighborhood is currently undergoing. You can read more about the program on evolveEA's webpage.

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