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2010 | National design competition for the Central Square of Kozani City
Independent team: Eleni Katrini, Aristodimos Komninos, Affroditi Lyroudia, Mara Papavasileiou

This proposal was designed for the architectural competition put together by the municipality of Kozani. The motive of the synthetic proposal was the preservation of the trees and the area of “protection” around each one of them. A pattern formed by circles of variable diameter wraps around the trees and points the accesses and the limits of the square, which are connected with the pedestrian streets around it. In that way the square gains a new identity and character. The microclimate of the area is optimized by adding water elements and trees at the northern part of the square. Green areas and soft surfaces wrap around the trees and as we distance from them we find slate tiling. The basic principle of the proposal is a mild intervention, the retention of all trees and the reuse of a great part of the prior tiling. The scene is placed in the center and it has multiple uses. The urban equipment is enriched with benches, chairs, lamps, a playground and new stands.

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