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OBGYN Clinic

2009-2010 | Interior Design Retrofit
Junior Architect, Aris Zambikos GR405 Architects, Athens, Greece | website

This project was for a gynaecologist who wanted a mini clinic, with three examination rooms, a waiting room, a reception for two positions, his personal office, utility rooms and a private space for him in order to spend long hours in the clinic when it is needed. This clinic was to be put in an old, but quite big appartment, downtown Athens. The appartment was about 170 square meters big, but its strange form and the heavy bulding construction made the concept difficult to evolve in it. So in order to create the examination rooms demanded, we came up with a cylindrical module which was practical for the procedure in it, and outside combined with the rest could fit in the appartment’s structure.

The doctor’s office communicates with each and every examination room, without being seen from the waiting room. The cylindrical examination rooms are made from wooden prefabricated panels and are placed on an elevated floor. Each examination room has its essential machinery incorporated on the walls and has a personal wc and changing room.
The waiting room provides twenty seats for the patients and their siblings, and together with the reception enjoys a great view and plenty of light.
Every module consists of 13 curved wooden panels. It has 3.50 meters diameter. One of them carries the washbasin and another the computer with an extra display so as tthe patient can see all the information needed. From the ceiling above the gynaeocologic chair the colposcope is installed. There is always a small space before the wc where you can change your clothes.

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